Simplify your workflow
with your client as a

Create a better experience for your client and yourself by removing the endless email chains, third party storage apps (eg. Dropbox, Google Drive) and replace it with a centralized tasked based workflow. One central location for all interests of the buy or sell of the property.

*No credit card necessary

"Creating tasks for my clients are so much easier then endless back and forth emails and using third party storage apps like Dropbox."

Dwaine S.
Real Estate Agent | San Diego, Ca Douglas Elliman Real Estate

"The fax machine had its day as well did email. PropertyFlo takes my client communication to the modern day."

Patty T.
Loan Manager | Murrells Inlet, SC All-Star Financial

"New clients are easy to on-board, existing ones are even easier. Task completion takes the guess work out of where my client is within the deal."

Michael M.
Escrow Officer | Scottsdale, Az Thomas Title & Escrow

PropertyFlo is an easy to follow workflow for your property transactions with your buyer/seller.

Removing the communication out of the email with task based software becomes more comprehensive and sets more context with attachments, comments and due dates. Sign up is easy through invitation access that can be sent upon property creation.

Made for real estate agents, lenders, escrow officers and title reps. Invite your client as a buyer or seller and as many any parties (previously mentioned) to the transaction that is necessary. Remove the property transaction from the email.
PropertyFlo pricing image Buyer/Seller view of a task tracking and tabs

Send invites instantly to all parties

Simply enter a name of your property and save. Invite any type of participant (buyer or seller, lender, agent, escrow or title) at anytime of the transaction. Enter their email to send an invite to that property.

If party is already signed up with PropertyFlo the property will be added to their properties. Otherwise, an email invite will be sent for easy sign up and access.
PropertyFlo invites image An agents view (with full access) while editing a property

Tasks are easy to track and add context to

Add tasks for your client to complete in order to keep better track of your transaction. Upload attachments directly to the task, adding more context to the task. Add a running conversation directly to the task with comments. Optional due dates can be added and updated at any point in time.

All parties will be able to view all task counts and whether unanimous tasks are complete or incomplete to give all parties a better idea of the overall state of the transaction of that property. Although, details of the individual tasks will be between the buyer or seller and appropriate party (agent, lender, escrow and title).
PropertyFlo tasks image Buyer/Seller view of a task containing comments

Live notifications in-app and offline

When logged in there are real time notifications on task activity and messages. When away, not logged in, outstanding notifications will be sent via email every 25mins.

While the app is in use it is subscribed to all property activity as well as message activity. Therefore, notifications will be displayed to the party logged in at real time (immediately).
PropertyFlo notifications image

Message your client or vice versa at anytime

Message your buyer and/or seller at anytime with real time in-app notifications, as well your buyer/seller can message you at anytime too. When the recipient is away (not logged in), message notifications will be sent via email every 25mins.

With in-app messaging capability, this will allow communication to be extracted from the parties email and based within the app that is automatically referenced to the specific property.
PropertyFlo messaging image


Propertyflo is completely free, no credit card necessary. All parties invited will be on-borded with instant access to properties they are invited to.

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